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Marketing automation as a growth marketing strategy

Automation is becoming an important part of growth marketing strategies. After the creation of tools for strong digital growth, the next step was, logically enough, to create other tools to automate them. Marketing automation is totally at the service of growth strategies. Indeed, it saves marketers from having to perform redundant, time-consuming and non-value added tasks. They can then focus on what really matters, namely, the rapid growth of their company.

Thus, there are various tools that allow the automation of marketing processes.

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What is marketing automation?

We have just talked to you about marketing automation, but what does it mean in concrete terms? As the name suggests, it is nothing more or less than the automation of marketing campaigns whose settings take into account a set of data specific to the company. This means that automated marketing is adaptable. It brings into play several tools that can be parameterized, notably to adapt to a customer avatar or to follow a pre-established action plan. These tools can manage various repetitive tasks such as sending emails, lead classification, promotional campaigns, etc.

The best marketing automation tools

Generate leads with Dropcontact

To generate leads, you are not going to contact your visitors one by one. You will first have to create traffic to your site. Then, you will have to encourage your visitors to give you their contact information (usually an email address) through calls to action. However, by amassing a large quantity of leads, you will find that not all are relevant and that a sorting is necessary. To avoid having to do this sorting, you can use various tools. For example, Dropcontact allows you to enrich your address book only with B2B email addresses. This way, your address book will contain qualified leads that are interesting for your business.

Emailing automation with Lemlist

Email marketing is a formidable weapon in the arsenal of a salesperson. However, a poorly managed emailing campaign can quickly turn against its initiator (by falling into the trap of spam). To avoid this, it is possible to follow a clearly thought-out and well-established action plan thanks to automation.

Cold emailing is part of this process. It is a very common tactic in growth marketing and more specifically in automation. The goal is to generate qualified leads quickly and automatically by sending B2B emails. In this strategy, a company targets relevant prospects by sending them emails, without them ever having been in contact with the company in question (nor having asked to be). The idea is to initiate a first contact and quickly build a network of potential customers.

This is exactly what the Lemlist tool offers you. It is based on the automated management of cold emails to quickly get in touch with prospects that are interesting for your business. The advantage of this tool is that it allows an individualized follow-up of the contacts, with an advanced personalization by mentioning as common the name of the person and the name of their company, but Lemlist also allows you to put images of the website of your prospect, extracted in a completely automated way. This is one of the many features that the tool allows, the objective of which is to add a lot more human touch to a process known for its coldness and stiffness, which is largely more beneficial for your conversion rate.

Automated marketing with Hubspot CRM

CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) have evolved a lot in the last few years, especially in their automation of customer relationship tasks, and these are numerous! Abandoned cart recovery, address book update, customer support management, etc.

One of the most famous CRMs is none other than Hubspot. The free and easy-to-use nature of this manager has greatly contributed to its success. Hubspot goes beyond contact management. It allows you to automate lead follow-up, live chat, appointment scheduling, transaction tracking, reporting, etc. In addition, it is possible to synchronize Lemlist with this CRM just like many other marketing tools. With Hubspot, it is possible to create a real ecosystem to facilitate even more the automated management of your marketing.

No Code marketing automation tools

A No Code tool will, as its name suggests, allow you to develop applications without having to type a single line of code. These tools are true game changers in that they allow marketers toautomate certain tasks without having coding skills. No need to hire a programmer.

The No Code Glide tool and the apps it allows to create is one of the most popular in this field. This tool allows anyone to create custom applications or websites from a pre-designed template. To start with, a simple Excel spreadsheet is enough! This can be very useful especially for a concrete visualization of your synchronized data and available in a button press directly on your mobile.

As you can see, there are many automation tools. There are still many others such as Airtable, an alternative to the Excel spreadsheet that is much easier to integrate into a network of automation tools. Although they allow you to save a considerable amount of time by eliminating manual actions on repetitive and time-consuming missions, they are not always easy to use. By calling on a company such as Growth Agence, you can directly skip this step. We take care of the integration and adaptation of these tools to your business. This way, you can focus on your area of expertise and enjoy a clear increase in growth. Even if you want to be independent and know all these tools inside out, our offer includes training your teams on how to use them.